About us

The people of Red Ridge UMC are devout, practicing Christians.  They love God, their neighbor, and one another.  Much of the church membership comes from StillWaters and the surrounding areas.  The congregation has a tradition of voluntary giving and a strong tradition of pre-service greetings as well as post-service fellowship.  The number one reason for joining Red Ridge given by new members is the congregation is "the most loving and caring congregation" they have ever experienced.  The congregation not only "talks the talk" they "walk the walk."


What we offer

  • Meaningful Worship
  • Service to others locally and abroad.
  • A loving, caring and welcoming congregation.
  • A congregation committed to meeting present and future needs.


What We Do

Red Ridge United Methodist Church has been a successful, small country church circa 1828.   It has survived fire, building renovations, split charges, ever changing leadership, unpredictable economies, and world wars to remain a strong, vibrant church with a loving congregation and all without losing its country charm.  The church has grown in membership and the attendant facilities over the years and in 2014 completed a major facility expansion and renovation program.

The congregation not only “talks the talk”, they “walk the walk.”  In all probability, there is not another church in our area that is as active in the local community as Red Ridge.  We don’t wait to be told, we take the initiative when we see a need.  Outstanding, responsible, leadership is the trademark of these missions and community activities and all are headed by creative personnel who are proactive in their approach to community service to the glory of God.

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