I don't know what I would have done without the Red Ridge Family, Paul Messer and former minister and personal friend John Mann during my grieving over Pat's death. The prayers, the cards, the food, the support of persons who had this kind of tragedy in group sessions at the church and the many little things you never think about until it hits you personally.

I will be a member of Red Ridge Church the rest of my life because of memories of Jesus and the many friends.

In the love of Jesus -


When we moved here from Cincinnati, it had been decades since I was a regular attender at church. I was struck by how often I was invited to visit a church - by neighbors, by service people, by strangers in the store! This was just not a part of my thinking.

Then, 9-11 happened, and I felt the need to go to church, just to be a part of a praying community after this great tragedy had happened in our country. I had been invited to Red Ridge by a couple in the local fire department, but when I arrived at the church, they were sitting right up front! I wasn't ready to be in front! But, I have to say that as soon as I walked into the sanctuary, the first thought that I had was, "Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!" I could just feel it! This is not a church with gold fixtures and fancy interior. It was a place of worship!

So, I sat towards the back, and a very nice lady started talking to me, asked my name, etc. Then, during the beginning of the service, the pastor came up and down the aisles looking for new people, and this lady introduced me! I was a little put off, but felt welcomed, and included.

I came a couple of weeks, and met a few more people each time. I joined in early October of 2001, and made many friends. Now, I can't imagine not belonging to Red Ridge - the friends I have made there have become like a family to me. I am active in Angel Dolls, Brown Bag and I sing in the choir --It is the center of my life.

Red Ridge saved my life in that I found a relationship with God I had never known existed. It began with learning I could pray and talk to God conversationally. As I have continued the process, I have come to believe He hears my prayers and I've learned to listen for his guidance. Through the good offices and encouragement of Red Ridge United Methodist Church, I've developed an unfailing trust in God. He always has my best interests and those of my family in mind. What peace and comfort He provides!!