Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

The "Worlds Most Powerful Prayer List"




Praises! Avery Tincher is happy to be out of the hospital, Rev. Chip Pope & 27 Mission Children, released from lock down, family of Charlie & Malinda Pope, Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team & Coach, Fred Fielder , by Nora Lawson, Sympathy to the family of Midge Davis, by BJ & John Mann, Sympathy to the family of Sylvia Hoggle, by Dick Morthland, Spencer Davis, by Dawn Tincher, Cathryn Norris, mother of Cathy Link, Lynn Caldwell, by B J Mann, Nancy Lockwood, by Mary Nielsen, Susie Bergford, Martha McBurney, Rap McBurney’s mother, George Lauramoore by Shirley & PJ Armour, Jeff Cook, family member of Mary Morello, Susan Gilbert, daughter of Gary & Carolyn Gilbert, Lorie Botta, by Carolyn Strother, Tatum Andrews, by Elaine Toney & Ann Freeman, Bill Rutherford, by Athera Jacobs & Ruth Lockett, Steve Pierce, brother of Ron Pierce, Carol Mauchline, by Ron & Cindy Pierce, Sharon Newman, by Athera Jacobs, Pat Price, by Cal & SueAnne Johnson, Mimi, Ed Wilkes, by Bill & Elaine Toney, Caleb Etchison, by Elaine Toney, Mike Arthur, nephew of Teri & Ron Gray, Meilyn Patton, by Mary Nielsen, Barry McNeal, family member of Bob & Marie Tarvin, Steve Lockwood, family member of Mary Nielsen, Anne Hamilton, cousin of Dick Morthland, Dennis Butera, by Linda Bodine, Gayle Williams, by Leon & Marjorie Archer, Kat Peavy, step mother of Amanda Kelly, Stacey Jensen, niece of Linda Bodine, All  who have experienced gun violence, by Nora Lawson, Brittney Keep, by Lori Bush.



Carolyn Gilbert, Earl Moore, George Brady, Devon Shuman, Sandy & Dave Crosslin, BJ Mann, Ruth Lockett, Avery Tincher, Kathy Marcus, Gracie Hawkins & Laecy Turner, Betty Williams, Hannalore Trotter, Rose Wear, Donna Mullican,  Dayne Matthews, Hugh Mason, Amanda Bacon, Tom Nielsen, Don & Sandra Herring, Dobby & Joyce Pitman. President Trump, First Responders, All men and women who serve in our country’s military including: Forrest Johnson, Guy Buice, John Truett, Brandon Ball, Will Scroggins, David Bacon and All Veterans.


Thad Franklin, Kenny Keefer, David McLean, Tim Walton, Sam Saponaro, Susan Oliver, Bertie Vaughn, Dave Pierce, Dr. Deborah Byron, Renee D’Arey, Thad Franklin, Wayne “Coach” Chase, Tom Collins, Ruby Wallis, Harold Rich, Shirley Stanford, Sarah DeFalco, Marion Spivey, Fred Fielder, Nadine M. Howell, Weldon McManus, Reid Francis, Jake Jones, Carol Schraeder, Barbara Smith, Valerie LaBore, Jim Norris, Dean Bledsoe, Ralph Green, Charlie Jones, Ted Bradshaw, Heather Norris, Karla Teel, Linda lee Caudill, Jimmy and Dave, Ann Neighbors, Marsha Frances, Sonya LaRussa, Randy Nykamp, Janet Sands, David Curtis, Peggy Hsieh, Tom Prosch, John Carlisle, Darleen Willis, Dolores Krawczyk, Tina Dennis, Patty Watkins, Martha Leopold, Nan Gonzales, Jacob Baker, Forrest Clanton, Phil Bell, Linda Hughey, Wayne Archer, Kathy Patterson, Delaine Dendy, Sue Tillerson, Heather Loftis, Danny Spann, Harry Weaver, Dolly Roland, Ron Johnson, Michael Desvernen.  





Call us, drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the prayer request form and drop in offering plate on Sunday.  God hears our prayers from the "Worlds Most Powerful Prayer List".


Prayer concerns are listed for four weeks and then removed.  They may be added again at any time.  Thank you.