Brown Bag

Several years ago, Red Ridge United Methodist Church (RRUMC) discovered a program that would provide much needed food to elderly members of our community with low incomes.  For $80, RRUMC could provide elderly residents two bags of food every month for a year, hence, the name “Brown Bag”.  The food was good quality, consisting of canned, fresh, and frozen items provided by the East Alabama Food Bank (EAFB) in Auburn.  RRUMC recognized the program as a great mission opportunity and agreed to be the focal point and distribution hub for our area.

The congregation and community response was tremendous, and today we continue to provide food every month to nearly 100 elderly residents.  EAFB sends the food by truck to RRUMC the third Friday of each month.  Church volunteers unload the truck around 8:15am, sort and repackage as required, and then distribute the food to those who qualify until approximately 10:30am.

All are welcome to participate in this worthwhile program, simply show up at the church at 8:00 the third Friday of any month.  You will enjoy the fellowship and satisfaction of “giving back” through this community ministry.

Funding for this program is provided through a year round campaign.  With only occasional reminders, we garner donations throughout the year.  When we reach our annual goal, subsequent donations are “banked” for the next year’s requirement.  Make checks ($80) payable to “East Alabama Food Bank” or “EAFB, marking the memo section for “Red Ridge Brown Bag”.  You can mail your check directly to EAFB, 375 Industry Dr, Auburn, AL 36832 or simply place it in the offering plate on Sunday.

RRUMC Brown Bag Ministry    RRUMC Brown Bag

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